From its earliest days, St. Anne's has had a cemetery, and the cemetery remains an integral part of our parish to this day. We believe that a cemetery is a place of healing and hope. It allows a relationship to be acknowledged, remembered, changed and incorporated into the present, where the mourner can acknowledge his loved one's existence, where we can renew our faith as well as our spirit.

Spaces for burials are still available. More information: contact Mark LaBuda, 410-267-7184 or 410-353-7436.


Two locations compose St. Anne's Cemetery. The first is the area around the church which has been used as a cemetery since 1692. The second - far larger - section is located today, as it has been for the last 200 years, between Northwest Street and College Creek.

Directions to St. Anne's Cemetery

Intersection of Northwest St & W Washington St, Annapolis, MD 21401


Mark LaBuda
410-267-7184 or 410-353-7436

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